Superpowered ChatGPT for WhatsApp.

Interact with your voice, images, give it multiple personas and more !

Supercharged GPT Client

On the world's most popular messenging app !

What makes blip. amazing !

Audio Message Support

Speak to with blip. using your own voice and experience a more natural and connected conversation like never before."

Uses WhatsApp's built in audio message feature

Multiple Personas

Give blip. multiple personas. Make blip. talk to you like its Einstein, Tylor Swift, Saul Goodman and more.

Currently In Beta

WhatsApp App and Web Support

Works on a platfrom you already know. No more fiddling with clunky web UIs and ugly user interfaces.

Support for other messenging apps coming soon !

πŸ” Privacy First

Beyond remembering convesations, blip. does not store your messages. The temporary messages get cleared when you type and send "clear". ⚑️

Coming Soon

Features currently in the works or in Beta

✨ Web Browsing Support

✨ Plugins - Connect your emails, CRM or news to gpt.

✨ Document Support - Send blip. your documetnts and ask it to summarize them, ask questions about them and more.

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  • βœ… Generous message limit.

  • βœ… blip. personas.

  • ❌ Voice Chat Support

  • ❌ Limited Context length : blip. won't remember longer conversations.
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  • Unlimited Messages
  • blip. personas.
  • Custom personas
  • Voice Chat Support
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  • Huge context length : blip. remembers long conversations.
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